Chronology of the project development

DatePlace, organizationShort event description
April 15. 2010 Dubna, JINR Laboratory of Nuclear Problems seminar: A.V. Guskov and G.A. Chelkov, RUSALKA — the distributed detector of wide atmospheric showers for a new scientific educational web project "Showers of knowledge"
February 6. 2010 Dubna, JINR First registered user of the site
January 25. 2010 Dubna, JINR Web site of the project ( launched
December 3. 2009 Dubna, JINR E-mail communication with school students from "Poisk" ("Search") center started
November 1.–6. 2009 Switzerland, CERN Meeting with the participants of scientific seminar from Russian teachers in CERN. Contacts established with teachers (Osetsky Alexander Iosifovich and Govorukhin Yury Yuryevich) from "Poisk" ("Search") center for supplementary education of school students, Stavropol
September 2009 Dubna, JINR Work on international scientific educational web site started
March 2008 Dubna, JINR Trial launch of the project web site
March 2008 Dubna, JINR Setup launch with 7 detecting stations on the JINR LNP site
February 2008 Dubna, JINR First data analysis and comparison with the predictions of showers Monte-Carlo simulation
January 2008 Dubna, JINR Test run on the JINR LNP site and first data taking using the setup with 4 detecting stations
October 2007 Moscow, RIRT Discussing the project and the possibility to use the GLONASS system in it in "RIRT" (Russian Institute for Radionavigation and Time), JSC
October 2007 St. Petersburg Discussing the project with Andrey Mikhailovich Finkelstein, RAS Member, Director of RAS Institute for Applied Astronomy
August 2007 Dubna, JINR Receiving 6 additional QNET blocks, purchased in FNAL
July 2007 Dubna, JINR Information letter to JINR Director about the state of the project
January–May 2007 Dubna, JINR Purchasing components and assembling scintillating counters and other equipment for first 7 detector stations in Scientific Experimental Department for Colliding Beams, Laboratory of Nuclear Problems
November 25. 2006 Dmitrov Talk at the "Moscow region science for schools" seminar and article in Proceedings
October 2006 Dubna, JINR Creating the first version of the scintillating detector for the setup in Scientific Experimental Department for Colliding Beams, Laboratory of Nuclear Problems
September 2006 University of Washington (Seattle, USA) Receiving two QNet blocks from UoW in Dubna. Starting work on the prototype of the station
August 2006 Seattle, USA Contacts established with Prof. R. Jeffrey Wilkes group from University of Washington UoW (USA), participating in the similar WALTA project, agreement reached on supplying JINR with first blocks of electronics for shaping and transmitting to PC the event data, including timing data from GPS receiver
January 5. 2006 Dubna Talk about the project on city physics teachers' meeting
October 1. 2005 Daegu, Korea 8th ICFA seminar. The authors learn about the idea of a distributed setup for cosmic ray studies with engaging schools and universities